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Betting on Boxing

With Boxing becoming one of the most viewed sports in the UK (with the emergence of superstar-heavyweight Anthony Joshua, along with fellow fighters; Tyson Fury, Kell Brook, Billy Joe Saunders, Tony Bellew and more recently Katie Taylor), boxing in the gambling sector is by far the most popular it has ever been. Boxing tends to be very one sided in terms of odds in the none title fights, you would expect a fighter at around 1/10 vs a fighter who’s around 18/1. However, in the title fights and the more even fights, the odds can be split. Usually the title holder is shorter in the market but will rarely be any shorter than 1/2. The ‘outsider’ in the close fights can be as short as 1/1 and sometimes as wide as 5/2 but usually you can see a clear market bias towards one fighter.

Like many other sports, In-play betting is also available via most major sportsbooks. Usually odds on the favourite shorten as the fight progresses but if the outsider is looking as though they are going to perhaps cause a surprise, you can make the most of the bigger odds with in-play betting. A lot of the time with boxing, there is a winner, but in some cases, there is a draw and this is where you can get the real big odds. Prior to a fight, the draw is usually no shorter than 16/1 but obviously as the fight goes on, if it is even, these odds will come down. There are two ways of a draw. The usual way is when at the end of the fight all judges score it as a draw. This would be classed as a unanimous draw. If two of the three judges score it as a draw, this will be classed as a majority draw. The other way a draw can happen is it either fighter sustains an injury by an accident collision, so a head-butt for example. If they ref sees this accidental head-butt and it causes an injury (usually a deep cut) this means it wouldn’t be safe for the fight to continue and as such the fight would be classed as a technical draw.

Betting Markets

Win–Draw market

This is pretty self explanatory. You’re simply betting on what you think the outcome of the result will be so whether you think someone will win the fight or whether you think it will be a draw.

Method of victory

This is similar to the win-draw market but you are simply specifying on how the fight will be ended. You can either go for a fighter to win by KO/TKO/DQ which means the fighter needs to either knock the other one clean out, for the ref to view the other fighter as incapable of carrying on and if a fighter does something illegal which the ref deems wrong enough to disqualify them for. What can also happen which isn’t specified in method of victory markets in retirement. This occurs either by the losing fighters trainer throwing the towel into the ring whilst the fight is ongoing or the fighter refusing to come out for another round and sitting in their corner. Bookies don’t specify this but if this happens, it will usually be classed as a KO/TKO/DQ. The other way fights can be ended is by points decision. This is usually when the three judges scorecards are put together and if two judges have it one way and one judge has it another, it’s classed as a majority decision win. If all three have it as the same, it’s classed as a unanimous decision. In some cases, but not very often, the three judges score it in three different ways. So A judge could have fighter 1 to have won the fight, B judge could have had the fight to be a draw and C judge could have fighter 2 to have won the fight. In this case the fight would be a draw. In some of the smaller fights, the fight referee is the only judge so whatever score he has it, that will be the result of the fight.

Round betting

Round betting is simply which round you think the fight will be stopped in.

Round group betting

This is the same as round betting however group betting if giving you more chance of winning. So if you’re betting on the fight to be finished between round 1-3, you’ve got three times as much chance of winning if you put the fight to end solely in round 1.

Will the fight go the distance?

If neither fighter has got much power and you can’t see either knocking either out, you can always bet on the fight to be left in the hands of the judges.

Under and over rounds

With under and over rounds, you are betting on how many rounds you think there will be. If you bet on over 10.5 rounds, you need the fight see the 11 th round. If you are betting on under 10.5 rounds, you need the fight to be ended in the 9 th round at latest.

Request a bets

Request a bet betting is a platform we use which is only available on SkyBet. With our request a bets we combine a variety of markets for either one fight or a number of fights. For example, we did a RAB for the recent Crolla Linares card – Marcus Morrison & Hosea Burton both to win by KO/TKO/DQ, Jack Arnfield & Martin Ward both to win by decision/technical decision & over 10.5 rounds Crolla Linares. We then did a fight rab of Linares to win & Crolla to be knocked down.

Best Bookmakers to use for boxing

  • SkyBet – Request a bets, in play betting, round group betting
  •  Betfair – Round group betting
  • Coral – Good boxing sign up offers
  • Paddy Power – Good sign up offers & group round betting