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Key Words



Usually: Red for Test Matches; White for One Day & T20 matches. Pink balls are also used for night matches.


The player attempting to hit the ball with his bat.


The player in the fielding team attempting to get the batsman out by 'bowling' the ball.


A player in the fielding team who attempts catch balls the batsmen hit to get them out, stop the ball the batsmen hit from reaching the boundary and running the batsmen out.

Wicket Keeper

A designated fielder who stands behind the batsman's stumps, equipped with gloves, pads and usually a helmet.


Cricket's version of a referee, making decisions about evens on the cricket field.

The Stumps

3 vertical posts in the ground that support the bails. There is one set at either end of the wicket.


Two bails sit atop the stumps. They are used to determine if a wicket is broken and therefore to decide if a batsman has been bowled, stumped, run out or hit his wicket.


The bowler bowls a ball that goes past the batsman and hits the stumps, dislodging the bails.


The batsman hits the ball into the air and is caught by a fielder before it hits the ground.

Hit Wicket

The batsman hits their own stumps and dislodges the bails.

Leg before wicket (LBW)

The bowler bowls a ball that would have hit the stumps and dislodged the bails had the batsman’s pads not been in the way.

Run Out

The batsman fails to make it back behind the crease before the opposing team has dislodged the bails with the cricket ball, either thrown or held in the hand.


The batsman steps out of their crease to strike the ball, misses, and before they can step back the wicket keeper dislodges the bails with the cricket ball in hand.

Four Runs

When the ball bounces before crossing the boundary.

Six Runs

When a ball crosses the boundary without bouncing.

The Ashes

One over consists of six balls bowled by a bowler from one end of the pitch to the batsman at the other end.

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