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Betting on Football

Football is the country’s favourite sport with several nationwide clubs capitalising in its history.

Italy, Spain, Germany and France also have comprehensive successes in it, with countries such as America, Russia, and China becoming rapidly better acquainted to it as time goes on. As a greater amount of funding, coverage, and interest goes into the sport, it grows in stature and size as one of the greatest means of entertainment in the world.

There are countless markets to bet on and various methods of doing so, with more being developed each year. Although most people are readily in-the- know about the sport, there are still plenty of people who are interested but simply don’t know where to start. To help those who want to get involved in football betting, we’ve put together a guide to the ins and outs of the sport, with information on how the game works as well as how to bet.

All betting sites have their places to capitalise with giving you the best price.

SkyBet offer Request-A- Bets and are one of the key places to go for betting on a desktop as well as through their fully-functional mobile app. Bet365 are a great one to go with when making an accumulator. Not only do they tend to give the highest odds for multiple markets but they also add on bonuses for certain leagues, making plenty of winnings for those interesting in European leagues.

Betfair and William Hill in similar style to Bet365 are great for value on accumulators, offering more than fair money when cashing out on in-play bets.

BetVictor and UniBet are great sites to bet with but are probably best for their goalscorer odds, as they tend to price them up higher than most competitors. Paddy Power put out enhanced offers every day for every available football match. Each day, there is a chance to make money through available matches, so it’s worth keeping aware of their site offers.

BetWay have become better known lately for their BetWay Boosts. These are usually two or three players to score anytime as well as some that are two or three teams to win, which tend to come in on most days.

Coral, 188Bet and BetBright are also great bookmakers who give out solid odds for most markets and make regular appearances in our bets.

How the game works

The basics:

– The game lasts 90 minutes, with it being broken up into two 45 minute halves, split by a fifteen-minute break in the middle.

– Each team has eleven players, with loads of variations on formations and the use of each positional player, but the exception that each side much have one goalkeeper.

– The main objective of the game is for each teams’ attacking players to score a goal while stopping the opposition side from scoring in their goal.

– Goals are scored when the entire ball crosses the white line between both goalposts.

How to bet

Typical football bets are based on which team will win, who will score, the final result, whether or not both teams will score, and how many goals the game will have in total. These are the sorts of bets that regular occur on betting sites and that almost every provider will have for people to get on. There are more advanced markets but these tend to go without saying.

Set pieces:

– If a foul is committed outside of the penalty area, it is a free-kick to the opposition side. If a foul is committed inside of the penalty area, it is a penalty to the opposition side.

– When a penalty is taken, a player is chosen to kick the ball into the goal in a stopped moment of play. For this, the goalkeeper must not leave his line until the player has kicked the ball and all others players must be outside of the penalty area.

– If the ball goes out at either end of the pitch through a defending player, a corner is given. If it goes out through an attacking player, it goes down as a goal kick to the goalkeeper.

– If the ball goes out on the longer lengths of the pitch, depending on who had the last touch of the ball, the opposition side is rewarded with a throw-in.

How to bet:

You can bet on a penalty to be scored, a free-kick to be scored by a certain player and also back certain players to net from outside the penalty area, which counts even if it happened through a free-kick. Some sites choose not to suspend markets in-play during set pieces, leaving more chances for people to back who will score from a penalty or free-kick.


– If a player fails to get the ball and catch a player, that goes down as a foul and, if deemed dangerous enough or a constant occurrence from a certain player, it leads to a yellow card.

– If the player continues playing recklessly or an unbooked player does something out of order, the referee will present them with a red card, meaning they need to leave the pitch and will not see out the game.

– Two yellows and a red leads to a ban in the next game, while a straight red card leads to a three-game ban for the player.

– Bookings, both yellow and red, can also come from aggressive attitude or language to other players, aggression or lack of respect shown to the referee, offensive behaviour, or simulation/ diving.

How to bet:

Not only can you bet on how many yellow cards there are in a match, you can even back which players will get carded through most betting sites. There is also the use of Booking Points, which makes it easier for betting sites to assess how many players were booked. Each yellow card is worth ten points and red cards are worth twenty-five. So if you backed over 40 booking points in the match and there were two yellow cards and a red card or more, you would have won in that bet.

Other methods of betting:

Handicap Betting – Plenty of people use handicap betting, as its a way of backing a team to win or lose but with far stronger odds. The point of it is to claim that a team will win by more than a certain amount of goals which, if it doesn’t come in, you will get your money back if the team still win. So, for instance, if you backed Inter Milan -1 against Juventus, they would have to beat Juventus by more than one goal, but if they only won by one goal, you’d get your money back. It also works with backing teams to lose, so in that circumstance, you would put Juventus +1.

Both Score No Draw – Seen as a bit of fun in the way of betting, Both Score No Draw is when both sides have to score and either side then must win. You can’t cash out from these bets, which adds to the reason the odds are usually higher, but if it’s a big game against two massive sides, it tends to be a clever market to go for.

Both Teams To Score In Both Halves – In similar style to Both Score No Draw, this market is something people do as a lucky dip that is always going to be a risk. It also prevents people from cashing out but has high odds and, if it’s a game with two sides who are prone to score plenty of goals, then it’s worth backing. It does mean that it has to end at 2-2 though, so a winning accumulator of these is hard to come by.

Corner Markets – A market that is becoming more involved in people’s minds is how many corners will be scored, with lots of people going for over 10.5 in a match to bump up the odds on an acca.

Request-A- Bets – Although SkyBet were the first to build up the hype on these sorts of bets, William Hill and various other sites have now started to put out their own version. The point behind them is to give the gambling community a chance to build their own bet, with big odds working as the outcome. These bets typically have certain players to score, an amount of corners, a number of bookings, a final result, a number of goals in the match and both teams to score coming in any variety, with it being a single bumper bet with strong odds that anyone can back.