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Betting on Formula 1

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Formula 1

Key Words


Pole Position

The person who qualifies fastest gets to start at the front of the grid.

Front Row

The first and second spots on the grid are on the front row.


When you finish the race in the top 3, you are presented with a trophy and champagne atop a podium in a ceremony.

Race Weekend

Each F1 race is more than just one afternoon of racing. The race weekend stretches from Friday to Sunday and consists of practice, qualifying and the race.


Periods on Friday and on Saturday morning where drivers and teams workout the car set up and get a feel for the track.


An elimination to determine who starts where for the race. There are 3 qualifying sessions on the Saturday with the field whittled down following each one.

Safety Car

A non-racing vehicle used to lead a race if there's a problem on the track that requires the cars to be slowed.


Aka Drag Reduction System. Allows the rear wing to adjust to reduce drag, giving the driver increased speed. It can be used at anytime during practice and qualifying but only in pre-determined sections of the track during the race when a driver is one second or less behind the car in front.


When a car has to drop out of the race because of an accident or a mechanical failure.

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