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Betting on Golf

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Where the golf is played! Usually made up of 18 holes.


The person who carries the golfer's clubs around. Also provides information on distances, wind and whatever else the golfer asks.

Front 9

The first 9 holes of the round.

Back 9

The second 9 holes of the round.


The predetermined number of strokes that a 0 handicap (scratch) golfer should need to complete a hole.


Hitting one shot less than the par for a hole.


Hitting two shots less than the par for a hole.


Hitting three shots less than the par for a hole.


Hitting one shot more than the par for a hole.

Double Bogey

Hitting two shots more than the par for a hole.


Used by amateur golfers to play on equal terms with people of differing abilities. Your handicap is subtracted from your total number of shots. The lower the handicap, the better the player.

Stroke Play

The most common scoring format in pro golf. It simply counts the total number of strokes (shots) taken on each hole by players. The winner is the player who needed the fewest strokes to complete the set number of rounds.


This is used in a handful of professional tournaments, most notably the Ryder Cup. Each player or team earns a point on each hole if they beat the number of shots needed by their opponent. If you win a hole you get 1 point and if it's drawn you get 1/2 a point. The points from the 18 holes are then added to determine the winner.

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