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Key Words



When a team gets the ball into the opposition end zone.

PAT/Point After Touchdown

When a team kicks the ball through the uprights following a touchdown (similar to a rugby conversion).

FG/Field Goal

When a team is running out of 'downs' they can attempt to gain 3 points with a Field Goal.


Each team has 4 attempts to move the ball 10 yards forward, these attempts are called 'downs'.


The player who throws the ball and usually calls the plays.

Defensive/Special Teams TD

Touchdown scored by the defence or special teams, usually after they intercept a throw form the opposing quarterback or return a kick off or punt all the way into the opposition endzone.


An NFL game can never end in a draw after regular time, therefore an overtime period is played with each team having one 'drive' to score a touchdown. If the first team scores a touchdown, the game is over.

Passing Touchdown

A touchdown scored when a player catches a pass thrown by the quarterback in the end zone or when they run into the endzone after catching a pass.

Rushing Touchdown

A touchdown scored from a running play, usually by the running back.

Passing Yards

How many yards a quarterback throws for in a game.


A player who's playing in his first NFL season.


When a Quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage before he can pass the ball forwards.

Line of Scrimmage

An imaginary line drawn through the centre of the ball separating the two teams before a play.


When the ball carrier is tackled or forced to the ground or out of bounds in his own end zone.


When a player who has the ball in their possession and control of the ball loses it before they are tackled to the ground.


When a pass is intercepted by the defence or when the defence gets to the ball first following a fumble.

Special Team

They are responsible for all plays involving kick offs, field goals and punts as well as returning the ball when the opposition kicks it.


A punt is a kick performed by dropping the ball from the hands and then kicking the ball before it hits the ground.

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