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Betting on American Football

The NFL is growing increasingly popular in the UK thanks to investment on both sides of the Atlantic. The NFL’s International Series has seen three or more regular season games take place and venues in England, Wembley and Twickenham. The broadcasting of NFL games has also increased, with Sky Sports showing four games per game week, and the BBC airing a Match of the Day-esque show. As a result, the popularity and demand for NFL betting has surged and we’ve been at the forefront, forging the way forwards for UK-based punters with our previews, expert knowledge and highly profitable betting tips.

@TeamFA’s NFL Betting

One of @TeamFA’s most popular bets is our challenge bet. These bets are slightly different to our regular bets, in that they run over a longer period of time and require a little more patience. The challenge bet, we run is our ‘NFL £10 – £1000 challenge’. The basic principle is to start with £10 and place a bet that contains odds of around 1/5 or more. These bets should be bankers and therefore carry a lower risk. The best markets for these odds are listed below:

  •  Money Line Markets – Due to the large mismatches in the quality of NFL teams, betting on a team to win a match can often give you odds of 1/5 or similar.
  • Points Markets – e.g. New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks – over 31.5 points at 1/5
  • Handicap bets – e.g. New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers – New York Giants +12.5 at 1/5. Because of the low odds it will take time, if each bet placed had odds of 1/5 it would take you 26 bets to turn £10 into £1000 (or just over). We look at all different types of matches for our £10 – £1000 challenge bets not just the NFL. We have used College games in the past as these are often even easier to predict than NFL matches due to the vast differences in strength between the teams.

We would recommend using Bet365 for your £10 – £1000 challenge bet. Not only do you get a £200 welcome bonus when you are a new customer with them, but they also have some of the best odds around which makes it easier for you to accumulate winnings quicker. They are also one of few bookmakers to offer the extended handicap and points markets which are one of the major contributors to the challenge bet.

NFL Superbowl

In 2016 we reached £650 with our £10 – £1000 challenge. And with added experience in NFL betting markets from last season, the 2017 season looks set to bring a winning challenge our way.

We also run another challenge bet, the @TeamFA Evens Challenge. This has a similar concept to the £10 – £1000 challenge bet. The two main differences are that instead of starting with £10 you start by staking just £5 and instead of going with odds of around 1/5, we go a little higher and try to find bets with odds of around evens. The main advantage of this is that you get to the target £1000 much quicker, as it should take around seven or eight bets to hit it. For the evens challenge we use a selection of markets including match results, goals markets and request-a- bets. Examples can be found below:

  • Match Handicap – Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos – Denver Broncos -3.5 at 11/10
  • Points – Atlanta Falcons vs Arizona Cardinals – Over 44.5 points at 11/10
  • Request-A- Bet – Los Angeles Rams vs Houston Texans – Rams +3.5 and over 33.5 points
  • Touchdown Scorer – New York Jets vs Dallas Cowboys – Ezekiel Elliot to score a touchdown at 5/4

As mentioned above the odds are around evens, it is difficult to find a bet of exactly evens every time so prices may vary and be slightly over (e.g. 11/10) but that just means you accumulate winnings quicker. We would recommend using Sky Bet for your evens challenge for a number of reasons. Firstly they have an excellent sign-up offer for new customers whereby if you bet £10 they will give you £30 in free bets. The second advantage of using Sky Bet is that as a customer you can opt-in to the Sky Bet Club, which grants you a free £5 every Monday if you bet £25 the week before. The third and most important advantage is that they are the only bookmaker to run request-a- bets, which are the main contributor to our challenge bet so realistically you need to be with them to join in.

Both of our challenge bets are well worth taking part in, they are minimal risk in terms of odds and if successful can be very profitable. Click through to see our latest challenge bets.