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Betting on Rugby Union

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Rugby Union

Key Words



When the ball is carried/kicked across the tryline and then touched to the ground by a player.

Sin Bin

Where players who've been shown the yellow card are sent to cool off for 10 minutes.


A formation used when restarting play following a knock on or forward pass.


When a player is tackled to the ground and players from both sides bind themselves together a ruck is formed.


When a player is tackled but doesn't go to ground and at least 3 players bind themselves a maul is formed.


When a player crosses the imaginary line during rucks, lineouts, scrums and mauls.


The awarding of a kick when the opposition commit certain fouls.

Knock On

When a player knocks the ball forwards from his hands, resulting in a scrum to the opposition.


An attempt to add two points on following the scoring of a try. The ball must travel in between the posts to be successful.

Drop Goal

A kick between the posts worth 3 points. The ball must hit the ground before it is kicked.

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