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Key Words



A frame is an individual game in snooker in which one player must outscore their opponent.


When a player pots a succession of balls, accumulating their number of points.

Maximum Break

This is the most amount of points a player can score in one break, which is 147. They will achieve this by potting 15 reds and 15 blacks before then potting all six colours.


The piece of equipment used by a player to strike the ball.

Cue Ball

Another way of describing the white ball, this is the ball which a player hits at all of the other colours.


When a player hits an illegal shot. Examples include not hitting a ball, hitting or potting a colour ball first when going for a red or potting the cue ball.

Free Ball

If a player is left snookered by a foul shot from his opponent, that player can hit any ball on the table as they cannot see a red.


A type of spin applied to the cue ball, when a player strikes the white on the bottom of the ball. This applies back spin which will see the cue ball roll backwards after hitting a colour ball.


A type of spin applied to the cue ball, when a player strikes the white to the left or right of centre.

Check Side

Side that checks the ball off a cushion, killing some of its momentum thus widening the angle of its bounce.

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