NFL £10 – £1000 Challenge

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TeamFA £10 – £1000 Challenge Bet

With plenty of sporting action set to take place over the coming months, we have decided to start our very own £10 – £1000 challenge bet. We will provide daily bets which will feature a wide variety of bets from selected sporting fixtures and events as we attempt to turn £10 into £1000. We were pretty successful in the last football season with the challenge bet and we reached the £1000 pound target, so make sure you get on our future challenges to give yourself the chance of turning a twenty into a thousand. Our bets will be posted daily on all of our channels, so make sure you have notification alerts turned on for @teamfa Twitter & Facebook handles.

The main advantage of a £10-£1000 Bet is that the risk is low as the odds are at evens or less, but it takes time so patience is required!

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What is a £10 – £1000 bet challenge?

Start with £10 in a pot and put a bet on daily of odds between evens and 1/5.  It should take no more than 47 days to reach £1,000. There are no real rules except you should use your full stake every day! Which means that you start with £10 on the first bet and then all accumulated winnings added to the pot every day, which you then stake on the next bet then the next and so on…

What sports markets will the challenge bet be on?

Here at Team FA we pride ourselves on covering a wide range of sports and therefore our challenge bet will do the same. The bet could be on anything from Basketball to Darts to Tennis, whatever events are on that particular day.

Which Bookmaker Should I Use?

In principal any bookmaker works for the £10 – £1000 challenge bet. However we would recommend using Betway.